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 Forecast Policy

Weather Bulletin issued by the Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-Hazards Department, Port Vila at 1:00 am Friday, March 24, 2017

Synoptic Chart (231200Z).
A trough further northwest of Vanuatu extends to the low pressure over Coral Sea. While a high pressure south of Norfolk Island maintain southeast trades over Vanuatu.

Satellite Images.
Latest satellite (IR) imagery including a six-hour loop indicates few, scattered to broken low and mid-level clouds about the group. Latest METAR and Synoptic observations correlate with the imagery.

The trough mentioned above will continue to move southwest and is expected over north of Vanuatu later tomorrow then will remain west of Vanuatu until early next week. The high pressure mentioned above is expected to pass north New Zealand latter today. The second low over Coral Sea will move slowly southwest and expected over Queensland coast early Monday next week. The third low pressure currently over Tasman Sea will remain until Monday next week.

Outlook for the next 7 days.
Partly cloudy to fine weather with chance of light showers about parts of Northern and Central islands. Partly cloudy with isolated showers about parts of Northern and Southern islands while partly cloudy elsewhere for tomorrow. Partly cloudy with chances of isolated showers about the group on Sunday and Monday. Cloudy with isolated showers, heavy at times continue about the group on Tuesday until Friday next week. Light to moderate east southeasterly winds persists over Vanuatu group. Maximum temperature range from 30oC down south to 32oC up north. Minimum temperature range from 20oC down south to 25oC up north.